Delzani Horse Fly Mask

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The Delzani fly mask is designed with the safety of the horse in mind.

Constructed from ballistic nylon mesh they feature two strategically placed eye darts that keep the mask off the eyes with no obstruction to vision. 

The poll, forehead & nose areas are protected from rubbing via soft fleece padding. The masks have an adjustable poll strap and an elasticised 3-way locking Velcro chin strap. 

Delzani Fly Masks Feature:

• Durable Ballistic Nylon Mesh
• High clearance between the horse's eyes and mask
• Adjustable velcro locking chin strap
• Padded adjustable poll strap.
• Muzzle and brow padding to prevent rubbing

Suggested Sizing: Please use the following as a guide only (horse’s heads have a great deal of variance in shape and size). 


           X-Small Pony                             4'3 to 5'0 (N/Avail)   
Pony / Small 5'3 to 5'6
Cob / Medium 5'6 to 6'0
Full / Large 6'3 to 6'9


*Horses are unpredictable animals and there is always a risk of a horse dislodging a fly mask from scratching, snagging, or other mischief and then panicking if their vision is affected. When using fly masks and bonnets on horses you need to consider the horse’s temperament, location to other horses, environment, and overall suitability for wearing hoods. We recommend only using fly masks in safe environments where the horse can be regularly supervised at all times.