Delzani Hay Bale Feed Bag

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Delzani Hay Bale Bags are a convenient solution for transporting and storing your hay bales. Made from strong 1600 Denier with a moisture-proof lining - you will love them.

Ideal for use in the back of your car or ute, they are a generous size and you will have no trouble wrangling your hay bale into them.

The Horse Hay Bale Bag comes with a moisture-proof internal lining that ensures that the hay remains dry and fresh, this feature also makes the bag easy to clean, maintaining its hygiene and ensuring that your horse has access to clean, fresh hay.

Delzani Hay Bale Bags Feature:

•    Durable 1600 Denier Construction
•    Internal Reinforced Hand Straps
•    Heavy-Duty Zipper
•    Moisture Proof Internal Lining 
•    Carry 1 x Large Hay Bale or 10-12 Biscuits

Size: Lenght 100cm x Width 46cm x Depth 55cm

The bag is generously designed to fit one large-size hay bale (or 10-12 biscuits), making it easy to transport and store. The durable fabric and sturdy straps make it easy to carry, while the reinforced bottom ensures that the bag remains stable and secure, even when the hay bale is heavy.

The waterproof linings help reduce the hay absorbing moisture in high humidity environments, the bags are not designed to be waterproof and left in the elements, as water will enter via the stitching and zipper. 

Whether you are going to a competition, traveling to a new location, or simply storing hay, the Horse Hay Bale Bag is a perfect choice!