Buzz Balms Hoof Hydrator - Equine Hoof Balm

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100% Natural Hoof Protection Balm. 100% Australian made and owned. 

The Hoof Hydrator is an all natural beeswax hoof balm for your horse's hoof, frog and sole. The Hoof Hydrator is designed to boost your horse's hoof health by reducing hoof dryness, chipping and breakage and helps to prevent hoof bacterial conditions. The Hoof Hydrator works to:

Hydrate dry hooves with a nourishing blend of only cold pressed extra virgin oils. Cold pressed extra virgin oils are selected as they contain the highest quality nutrient profile including vitamin E and antioxidants to nourish and hydrate dry hooves. 

Seal hooves from extreme moisture loss and/or saturation with Buzz Balms' very own home harvested beeswax. This sealing effect of the beeswax can aid in preventing weather cracks by reducing the shrink/swell effect of the hooves in various weather conditions. Beeswax also boasts natural antibacterial and health properties

Protect hooves naturally with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is added to the protective hoof balm for its antiseptic and antifungal properties to aid in the prevention of hoof pathogens from taking hold. 

The hoof balms leave a clear natural shine to the hooves. Designed to moisturize and nourish horse hooves, this hoof balm can also be applied to goat hooves, damaged cattle hooves - any farm animal who needs a little spring in their step!

The recyclable aluminum tin is the perfect size to fit into any tack box whether at home or at an event. Making the switch to a balm also means there are no spills or product wastage. As a little goes a long way, one tin lasts one horse approximately 3 months when used every 2/3 days.


After ensuring hooves are clean and dry, apply the hoof balm to the entire hoof (wall, frog and sole) at least once a week, or more often during dry periods - or whenever your horse needs a little care to prevent dry hooves, or a soft shine for show days. 

The hoof balm applicator is made from plant cellulose. If you choose not to include an applicator, your tin will be further filled instead.