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Beeswax PURE Balls - the solution for managing hoof defects.

40 or 100 ball jars - for the regular or experienced ball handler.

Got Balls? You bet we do!

Moist holes?  Hoof defects?  Surface defects need protecting?  Our Malleable Hoof Putty may assist with managing defects in the hoof wall or sole.  All natural, cosmetic grade ingredients.

Simply grab a ball, mould into desired amount and plug that hole.

"So great to have this convenient natural hoof putty - these balls smell divine!"

Our BEESWAX Pure BALLS are designed to be a wax covering for Hoof defects.
They can be shaped flat, rolled into a worm, left in a ball size or doubled up for more coverage.  Rolled into a handy portion size.

Examples of their use:

  • Covering a defect in the sole or wall of the hoof once it has been cleaned and thoroughly disinfected to prevent further debris entering the site.
  • Sealing over hoof cracks after thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Covering other powdery or liquid treatments to ensure they stay put.
  • As a water repellent to various hoof abnormalities or conditions.

Peppermint & Cinnamon Bark essential oils.  You're going to love these fresh balls.

An innovation by a Hoof Care Professional who understands the frustrations of hoof conditions, these balls are the ultimate hoof care hack.  Based on natural, cosmetic grade ingredients, and infused with high-quality essential oils.  They stay put like a boss, repelling debris and pathogens from getting wedged "in your crack".

"Smells soo good! Easy solution to keep mud out of deep holes."

Super easy to use, the balls can be used whole (if you’ve got a big one) or broken apart for a smaller amount.  

Clean that hoof like it's been to the day spa, ensure you’ve soaked up any wet patches - then grab a Pure Ball and push it into place like a boss.  

Proudly Australian Made from Australian ingredients and packaging.

SHELF LIFE:  3 years - a handy product to have on hand.

Roll on over to the cart and grab hold of a set.