Delzani Slower Feeder Hay Net Bag

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Introducing our premium Slow Feeder Horse Hay Net Bag, the ultimate solution for promoting healthier eating habits in your equine companion.

Designed with care, this high-quality hay net bag is crafted to slow down your horse's hay consumption, encouraging a more natural grazing pace and extending feeding time.

They can be used in stables, floats, or in horse paddocks. Each hay net is approximately 102cm in length and is constructed from heavy-duty polyester. The netting holes are approximately 50mm square.

Our equestrian hay nets feature a bottom steel ring to support the weight in the hay bag, along with a long drawstring to tie the bag up.

With its durable and weather-resistant construction, this hay net bag is built to last in various outdoor conditions. The fine mesh design ensures that controlled portions of hay are accessible to your horse, preventing overeating and potential digestive issues.